The Dialogue

After pearl harbour, it was FDR who gave back the Americans the resolve to fight back.
He said,"There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger"

On the streets of India today
The evangelical crusade against India is planned with military precision and executed with mercenary brutality.
Make no mistake, Hindus are fighting back. With meagre resources, with voluntary spirit, and with almost zero recognition.
There are many who are passive and the reasons are one of the below.

D-04-01 AoC's are helping the poor of India.
Hindu institutions run thousands of charities & feed the poor on a daily basis. But they are not great in PR work.Church has total control over its funds but Temple funds in India go to governments / local politicians.
D-04-02 Christians constitute 2 % of the population of India.
That is no longer true. Eastern India - Meghalaya is 98 % Christian, in Kerala the percentage is 22%, In Tamilnadu it is 22 %. First they convert the peripheries, and slowly get to the heartland. British conquered India the same way in 19th century.
D-04-03 Why should I worry about conversions happening in India?
Have you not been approached by them? As a Hindu you are targeted, whether in India or west. You would notice evangelical workers targeting only Hindu neighbourhoods in Canada. Indian students are heavily targeted and are very vulnerable.
D-04-04 I am a person of peace. My family, life & career are priority!
We have career and family. Objective is short term and long term peace.We believe in Gandhiji and his work. Do you see us talk ill about Christianity or Canada anywhere? You are intelligent enough to differentiate between Activism and fundamentalism.
D-04-05 Its the duty of Hindu religious leaders. Not mine!
The attacks on Hinduism is sophisticated and beyond the scope of Hindu religious leaders. This needs a response from educated Hindus of the west. Every Hindu household of Canada should provide at-least one volunteer for this task ahead.
D-04-06 I have Christian friends.They are nice.
Even better. If things like Hindu gods and practices are raised please educate them on un-ethical evangelism happening in India. Tell them that we respect Christians but they want to be kept informed of this reality as well!
D-04-07 I live in the west. No one stops me in building Hindu temples.
Consider the ratio. For every one Hindu temple built in the west, at-least 100 new churches are built in India. As a Hindu you do not resort to covert or overt conversion methods. Don't you try your best not to offend? Then you are good!
D-04-08 Sanathana Dharma has survived & will survive!
The vibrant Hindu presence in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh has now vanished. With in India in Kerala Hindus are 49 %. The net is closing. You want to preserve to your grandchildren what your ancestors gave to you.
D-04-09 As Hindus we should first fix the problems within ourselves first!
Christian faith has a tonne of problems internally. Is that holding them back in asking you to convert? Is that preventing them from aggressively promoting their faith. Your wrong is wrong and their wrong is not wrong? Religious racism?
D-04-10 To do or not to do?
If Hindus do not speak up then AoC'S will think they are fine with conversions, and if Hindus speak up the west will label all Hindus as extremists! Can the Hindu intellectual activist negotiate this tricky path?
D-04-11 Agents of conversion are rich
You are right, they work on a platform of huge support, including financial & political. Their work is full time, paid with benefits, while ours is voluntary and financed from self savings.Our platform however is of morals, ethics, justice and fair-play!
D-04-12 I am a free person.
When you have fear to express your views on matters pertaining to your religion, when you have the compulsion to speak for the person who offends your faith, then you surely are not a free person. Would u call yourself a free person?