The Dialogue

Gopala Krishna: Marketing professional in medical devices and had the opportunity to travel and work for decades across towns and villages of India. Has had a first hand experience of evangelical strategies and the advantage they have over Indians. The contrast with their strategies in Canada and the lovely layers of stories is fascinating to observe and study. The naivety of Canadians on the role of Evangelicals and Hindu Indian immigrants to Canada have similarities. wishes to use extensive experience for better Inter-faith dialogue.

Avinash Kumar: A engineering professional from the GTA, He is passionate about the preservation, enrichment and propagation of Indic civilization. His goal is to fortify Dharma in the east and spread Dharmic philosophy in the west.He is an avid reader of history, theology, and human psychology.

Srinivas Velma: A fine man with his heart close to reality of the conflicts of the Hindu world from within and externally as well. Has been active as a grass root worker for a few decades in Canada. Understand people, motives and actions. Quite happy to have his intellect and his ability to see through things.

Suki Raj: A masters in Neuroscience she believes that Hindu or Sanathana dharma is the way the earth or nature actually lives and so you become eco friendly and one. Strong in various arts including Music, & illustrations, she is a excellent violinist. For her, A dwarapalaka is the guardian of peace for the world.

Bindu M Chipiri:, An IT specialist from Regina Saskatchewan, is a strong believer of “Sanatana Dharma”. Bindu, originally hails from India, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur. She practices virtues like honesty, goodwill, patience and generosity. She loves to live herself and believes in her will and hard work. Bindu loves to dialogue on matters pertaining to Hindu culture and ethnicity, across.