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Biased reporting by CTV?

Post On:14th Oct 2020

This was reported this time by CTV..
ctv news
It was sourced from Agence France-Presse’s network. They pride on having 201 bureaus covers 151 countries, with 80 nationalities represented among its 2,400 collaborators. AFP is a global news agency delivering in-depth coverage of the events shaping our world from conflicts to politics, economics, sports, entertainment and the latest breakthroughs in health, science and technology. The Agency operates regional hubs in five geographical zones: Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East.
This was our mail to AFP
afp ctv news
This was our mail 1 to CTV
This was our mail 2 to CTV

Mail to Global News

Post On:April 4th, 2020

Please refer to this article in Global News Canada which is self explanatory,

Faith in isolation: How Canadians are praying during the coronavirus pandemic
This is our mail to Ms. Meghan Collie who wrote the above article,

Hi Meghan Collie,

A timely article. We notice that Hindu faith has been missed in your report. There are approximately 188 Hindu Temples of Canada. Hindus are over 1/2 a million in strength and have reputation of Honest taxpayers & Citizens. It’s a fair request that the Hindus story also be part of an inclusive Canada in news coverage.

I guess your reporting is nation wide but if have a specific geographical area of reporting we can connect you to the Hindu temple of your choice. Hindu temples of Canada have initiated various reach out programmes to devotees on Covid.

The managements of many Hindu temples are highly educated. They would you be able to provide you the required inputs for your next article on how the Hindu faith is responding to the Covid crises.

If Corona does not discriminate in its task, why would you do so? Trust you would receive this mail with the sense of anguish its written with.

Best Wishes
The Dialogue Team

Mail to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Post On:March 9th, 2020


We refer to your article and its update on CBC FB post as re-produced below. We have received a e-acknowledgement to the complaint we sent to you from your website on this subject. (enclosed below) As we have not received any further response from you we are sending this 2nd letter.

We wish to file a formal complaint on the following aspects of your article
1-The news bits inserted into the article was not done with journalistic fairness
2-It presents a incorrect and one -sided aspect of the story, that needs authentication
3-It was not written keeping in mind the pluralistic nature of Canadian society

Initial reports tell us that the above report has caused considerable anger with the Hindu community. We are initiating reach out to Hindus of Canada on this report to further assess their response. There is unanimity your article insinuates both character & Culture of Hindus. That article propagates the theory that the onus of responsibility for Violence in Delhi rests on Hindu shoulders only. That speaks of bias, condescending approach and absence of research on the sensitive subject.

Your FB page has 2.3 Million likes. You have effectively promoted Hindu Phobia in that many likely minds. It impacts Hindu adults at workplaces and Kids at schools. That is a serious violation of Hindu rights. Canadian Hindus are taxpayers and good Citizens. We draw your attention to “Respect and Absence of Prejudice” section in your Journalistic Standards and Practices page.

Before initiating the process of formal re-course, we wish to enquire,
1- Source of news, with the names of journalists who penned that article.
2- Was CBC misled into publishing that article or was it a deliberate?
3- Do you have a vetting process before news is published
4- Do you have a experts team who authorize publications to ensure that news is fair and in sync with high values of democratic processes that makes nations like Canada named as developed?

Our contact info is enclosed for you to reach to us to discuss the article & recourse.
Best Wishes
The Dialogue Team

Letter to Canadian Broadcasting corporation

Post On:20th August 2016

Hubert T. Lacroix
CEO – CBC – Canada,
Respected Mr. Hubert Lacroix,
We bring to your attention concern’s pertaining to CBC reporting on India. We quote the following programmes
– India Reborn
– India’s Daughter &
– The most recent one on the “rebel “attack in Assam
Three concerns:
1- Reporting has been with an objective to sully India’s image in Canada
2- Reporting does not represent the majority of India
3- Reporting does not take into factor stories from all sides to a story
Indian news channels almost always portray Canada in good light on all Telecasts in India. It’s simply not soo Canadian that CBC is doing the opposite! To elucidate our concern we conjure a scenario, “Our team can record The Vancouver drug problem and give it a national broadcast in India” Would that be a fair representation of Canada? We do not think so, but CBC is resorting to that kind of reporting when it comes to India. Goes in search of problems and magnifies it many folds.
You would acknowledge that CBC has very limited access to countries like China. India offers a democratic set up and greater access. People of Indian origin residing in Canada feel that access is being misused each time such reporting appears on TV/Print & Radio medium of CBC.
To the best of our knowledge Indians do not come to Canada with welfare on their minds. They work hard, if necessary go to college again, pay fees from their part-time jobs, graduate, pay for their mortgages and contribute significantly to the tax revenue of Canada.

It is only fair that we ask CBC to respect the sentiments of India and Indians living in Canada. We hope that CBC would factor this in while reporting about India in future.
If you wish us to provide micro details of our concerns we can send you the compiled reports.
Kind Regards
Gopala R.Krishna
Copy to:
Minister of Culture: THE HONOURABLE MÉLANIE JOLY, Board of Directors CBC – Mr. Vishnu Prakash, The Indian High commissioner to India, Ottawa – Ministry of External affairs, Govt of India – Federation of Hindu Temples in Canada – Panorama India – Indo Canada chamber of Commerce.