The Dialogue

Do you see evangelical workers approaching you? Do you "feel"respect when they speak to you? We notice that people in Canada & western world in general are polite and civil citizens. Would you describe evangelicals workers to be the same? As a Hindu we are trained to respect others. That is also the strength our faith. When Evangelos talk love then what's wrong in bringing civility to their work. Let's give them our strength.

Volunteer on-line time

You can pitch in online time to spread the message of dialogue. U have to set aside 1 - 2 Hour's each week.

Volunteer for field work

This involves meeting with community leaders, religious heads and politicians. This will improve your talking skills.

Donate to the cause

If you cannot pitch in time, support those who are doing it. Hindu activists engage evangelical $$ "Goliaths"

Provide us "alerts"

If you "see" unethical evangelism around, send us a email using the message box below

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