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Evangelism - Canada Style!

Post On:September 14, 2019

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Most Hindus of Canada feel secure here on the belief that evangelism is happening only in India and they are safe and strong here. They could be right because evangelism here is not done in the style and manner as its done in India. Here is very subtle and strategic and top level. Here it happens under the banner of “Hindu- Catholic dialogue”. We got a first glimpse of this scheme at The Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Temple in Etobicoke, Toronto. A gentleman named Mr.Reid Locklin was invited on “Sankara Jayanthi”day to speak on the subject of “Vivekam”. We will come to that story later but on following the trail of Mr.Reid Locklin, we discovered the following,

1- Hindu Catholic dialogue is not a Hindu initiative. (We abbreviate it as HCD). It’s the initiative of the Church
2- HCD is a formal structure and operates across major western cities of world
3- Key players in Canada are the University of Toronto (UFT) and The Vedanta society (TVS)
4- It seems that UFT in consultation with TVS sets the agenda to reach out to Hindu Temples

The image below presents a overview,
dialogue flow chart
Now let’s examine the first institution.
Institution / Temple no 1: Vedanta Society – Toronto
Many would associate the term “Vedanta”with Hinduism as it holds special significance for Hindus rooted in deep spiritual knowledge. However this institution is directly engaging in Evangelism under the guise of a Hindu identity. Please check the image below that has non Hindu and Christian icon in the main altar,


Analysis: On studyings its activities over the years the following information emerges

  1. This institution is the focal point and platform to reach out to Hindu Temples
  2. The leadership has been compromised from its Hindu centric thought
  3. The staff including its head Swami Kripyananda holds Christian evangelical convictions 
  4. However it has retained its physical Hindu identity in dress and rituals
  5. Hindu rituals at this institution are given a christian finishing touch
  6. Talks on Hindu scriptures are merged into Christian theology thinking  
  7. Hindu physical identity & terminology as a spear head to communicate to Temples  
  8. Serves as a meeting point for Hindu leaders for discussions on Hindu catholic dialogue
  9. Our team made 10 attempts to have a dialogue with Swami Kripyananda & no response 


  1. Is it appropriate to engage in evangelical activity under the guise of Hinduism?
  2. Is it ok for Hindu leaders of Toronto to patronise this 
  3. Would Hindus of Canada approve of such a deceptive practice?

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Our action with Vedanta Society - Part A

Post On:August 1, 2015

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We have been monitoring this since 2010. This is the copy of the first mailer sent in 2013. Courtesy and values demand a response. As of date we did not received any response. We followed it up with 3 mails by Canada post, 4 emails. Now we are compelled to go public.

Swami Kripamayananda,
Vedanta Society,
120 Emmett, Toronto,
ON M6M 2E3
Dear Swami Kripamayananda,

On a recent visit to your society I was surprised to find an image of JC along with images of Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda,

• Vedanta society of Toronto did not have a picture of JC when conceived. Why would the society do something of that kind now?
• To put things in perspective, Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa was a profound Sanathana Dharmist and in sync with those principles have had taken a rare cursory consider other creeds like Islam and Christianity to evaluate their spiritual strengths, and the society cannot use those experiments to justify JC picture at the society,
•If the society is going to use the experiment of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as an argument to justify its action, then the fact remains that he also experimented with Islam. So, would you also soon have Islamic symbols on the spiritual platform of the society?
•If the society is bringing in the inclusiveness agenda, then you would naturally possess the spiritual strength to persuade Islamic and Christian religious centers in North America, to have images of Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa, Buddha and Swami Vivekananda on their spiritual platform at their locations! Are you moving in that direction?
•Not sure if the committee members have taken a walk on the streets of India in the recent past where Evangelical activity is intense. The hostility that Evangelical Christian workers display against Sanathana Dharma defies basic civility. And a closer example within North American borders, is the book by a western scholar who propagates the idea of a homo-sexual relationship between Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa and Swami Vivekananda. In such a one sided, scenario how can you have the picture of JC on the Vedanta platform?
•The image of JC on your spiritual platform stirs the question, “Has the current leadership of Vedanta society of Toronto compromised on its cultural, religious and spiritual strengths? Is it deceptively patronizing evangelical objectives?”
Majority of Indians living in GTA are not aware of this development at the Vedanta society. They would be as shocked if they come to know of this development at the society in the name of Vedanta. Vedanta is an intrinsic Hindu thing. It cannot be either diluted nor segregated from Sanathana Dharma to favor third party creeds.
Every day Hindus look up to organizations like yours for spiritual strength and guidance. If you dilute the spiritual heritage that was passed by enlightened Sanathana Dharma gurus, then both the future generations and the current GTA Dharma population will feel betrayed with your parochial approach. In consideration of the above factors it becomes imperative to urge the Toronto Vedanta society to,
a) Revert the spiritual platform of the Vedanta society to its original pristine pedestal without recalcitrant delay,
b) If you forecast a delay due to any internal issues then Dharma practitioners of GTA should also see the images of Shri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda on the spiritual platforms of Churches and Mosques of Canada.
Best Regards,
The Dialogue Team,
7th August, 2013
PS:It also becomes relevant to comment that we have nothing against JC. He is one of the many saints who walked the earth, but are surely against the hostile actions against Sanathana Dharma that are happening in the name of JC. It would be a tragedy if the leadership of Vedanta society of Toronto, is facilitating soft core, back door and closet Evangelism for financial or other career privileges. That would also be a demonstration of cultural weakness. And you would agree that Swami Vivekananda has always championed for strength.

Our action with Vedanta Society - Part B

Post On:April 10, 2019

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vedtanta visit

We decided to pay a visit to Toronto Vedanta Society (VST)and this is our report.

Mr. Kripamayananda who goes by the definition (minister – a christian term) was not available and was in Ottawa. We met Mrs.Rina Chakravarthy the care taker & Mr.Buddhadev the reader. Our team introduced ourselves and the purpose of our visit was to meet Mr.Kripamayananda and desire to know the working of the VST
The lady Mrs.Rina Chakravarthy said she is 70 + with health issues which evoked sympathy from the team. But as our team member said her faculties are strong and her line of communication confirmed our fears!
For example she said the following
1) That we are activists groups
2) That some of their members were asking why Jesus picture is small
3) Was explaining how Ramakrishna paramahamsa had visions of Mr.J
4) Mr.Buddhadev on the other hand understood our visit and slipped away
Our team responded the following way
1) That Ramakrishna hardly spoke and hence the story of his visions are false
2) Why are churches nearby not having pics of Vivekananda
VST is aware that what they are doing is a deceptive work
VST is emboldened due to lack of protest and awareness by Hindus of Toronto
VST is being used as a platform by the church to enter other temples of Toronto. This is the key concern.
Next steps
We believe that VST should invite us for a formal dialogue on this issue of mis-use of Hinduism on many levels

What would you think?

Post On:January 1, 2020

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This was the mail sent by a Temple in USA recently. What does it say of us?