The Dialogue

Our Modest successes so far

Identified the concept of Academic Evangelism in Canada
It was shocking to discover that respected Hindu leaders of Canada working hand in glove with those who have a proclaimed Hindu phobic agenda. We initiated a series of measures to challenge this.
The challenge of team work
We analyzed the reasons why Hindu groups have had limited success. Key reason was challenges in Team work. So we worked to build in a team of strong Hindus who understand the religio-political environment. Its a ongoing work & request strong minds to join us.
Naivety of Canadian Media
They seem to be fine people but have a natural bias against the non-aggressive psyhe of Hindus. We are engaging them in conversation that it is ok not be biased with non aggressive people.
Network with Temples
Our team established a connection with almost all listed Hindu Temples of Canada. Our Temples has been the first line of defense. Are they aware of that?