The Dialogue


Hindu Temples of Canada24th Nov 2017

Respected Managing Committee members,

Our respects to you on the excellent work your institution is doing in the path of Hindu Dharma.Our goal is to communicate on two important things,
1) Engaging Hindu youth of Toronto / Canada to be more involved with Hindu activities
2) Be an active participatory in “Hindu Christian dialogue”.
In true Canadian / Hindu tradition, we want to approach this in a dharmic style. We seek the blessings of Hindu leaders of Canada.

With warm Regards
Gopala Krishna

This letter was sent to 30 Hindu Temples of Canada and we are thankful for the positive and very encouraging response we received. Our Pranams and respects to you all.

To the Honorable President Mr.Donald Trump11th Feb 2017

Dear President Mr. Donald Trump,
Congratulations on your stupendous victory. We want to thank you for acknowledging the positive role of Hindus in the run up to the election. In fact you are the first president to have done so. I am one of the many Hindus who supported you and now that you have become the president I have a request to make. Can u release one official statement?

“Evangelicals from USA who visit India should respect Hindu sentiments, customs, and traditions and acknowledge the fact that India is a Hindu country as is USA a Christian country.They should let go their aggressive evangelical objectives”.

In support of our request to you we present the following points
-Hindus were never the persecutors, even in India they were the persecuted
-Hindus are very friendly towards Christians in India
-Hence the number of churches have grown without any opposition of any kind in India
-However in their pursuit to gain more converts, Evangelicals from USA who visit India are indulging in practices that are against Christian values of kindness, respect and courtesies,
-Hindu tolerance is interpreted as weakness and Hindu space is being violated
-Hindus of India are groaning under such undue interference and are keeping mum so as not to offend anyone.
We wish to provide your supplementary points:
-The 2.3 million Hindu population of USA is very respectful of USA its people, faith constitution and are very law abiding citizens
-Hindus of North America do not indulge in acts that question the government or institutions
-Hindu religious leaders from India who visit North America always ask followers to respect the adopted country, traditions and be good citizens
We were not happy with what Mr. Barak Obama did. When India honoured him as a special invitee and chief guest on Indian Republic day celebrations he reciprocated the hospitality by speaking ill about India. We wrote a letter to Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime minister of India on that.
By virtue of being good citizens of North America, Hindus have acquired a right to request that evangelicals of USA visiting India reciprocate the good behaviour of Hindus of North America.
Best Wishes
Gopala R.Krishna

Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis8th November 2016

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

Your Holiness,

Introduction: We write this letter with respect to the leader of the 1.272 billion Catholics of the world. Congratulations on your excellent work. Your predecessors have worked to fix many things in the interest of world peace and harmony. Your holiness has also

– Issued an apology to the Bolivian natives
– Issued an apology to the LGBT community

Some key aspects of the Church are still providing fertile grounds for re-enactment of the church excesses of the past. In their quest to win new converts, Evangelicals in India are doing two things,
1- Competing with each other in eroding the norms of civility.
2- Planting hate amongst Hindus by a sustained propaganda against their way of worship

The stated evangelical agenda in India is “Conversion of all Hindus and erasing Hinduism from the face of earth” Such an extreme agenda is what organisations like ISIS or the Taliban adhere do. However I believe that the Church headed by you stands for world peace and harmony.


Request to you:
The genesis of this “hate planting” work is the statement of Pope John Paul II, in 1984 asking for conversions of Hindus. In pursuit of that call, some evangelicals are losing track of civility.
I request his holiness for 2 things
1- Issue an advisory to Evangelicals of India & visiting India on the need of adhering to basics of a civilised society, like being civil, courteous and polite towards Hindus
2- Repeal the statement of the Pope John Paul of 1984, and or issue a fresh statement asking for an end to conversions in India

Let’s assume that the church eradicates Hinduism from the face of the earth. What next? The world becomes an oasis of peace? Not really, because your holiness would acknowledge that both the world wars of the last century were Christian Vs Christian. On the contrary if you drop in a Hindu in a conflict zone, peace descends naturally. The world needs the needs the healing presence of a Hindu.

Hinduism has not preached in me hatred against other faiths. The inherent strength of my religion like love and respect to other faiths makes me to reach out to you. I am hoping this letter will reach the attention of his Holiness.

Respectfully yours:

From the religion of Peace
Gopala R.Krishna

Letter to Canadian Broadcasting corporation20th August 2016

Hubert T. Lacroix
CEO – CBC – Canada,

Respected Mr. Hubert Lacroix,

We bring to your attention concern’s pertaining to CBC reporting on India. We quote the following programmes
– India Reborn
– India’s Daughter &
– The most recent one on the “rebel “attack in Assam

Three concerns:
1- Reporting has been with an objective to sully India’s image in Canada
2- Reporting does not represent the majority of India
3- Reporting does not take into factor stories from all sides to a story

Indian news channels almost always portray Canada in good light on all Telecasts in India. It’s simply not soo Canadian that CBC is doing the opposite! To elucidate our concern we conjure a scenario, “Our team can record The Vancouver drug problem and give it a national broadcast in India” Would that be a fair representation of Canada? We do not think so, but CBC is resorting to that kind of reporting when it comes to India. Goes in search of problems and magnifies it many folds.

You would acknowledge that CBC has very limited access to countries like China. India offers a democratic set up and greater access. People of Indian origin residing in Canada feel that access is being misused each time such reporting appears on TV/Print & Radio medium of CBC.

To the best of our knowledge Indians do not come to Canada with welfare on their minds. They work hard, if necessary go to college again, pay fees from their part-time jobs, graduate, pay for their mortgages and contribute significantly to the tax revenue of Canada.
It is only fair that we ask CBC to respect the sentiments of India and Indians living in Canada. We hope that CBC would factor this in while reporting about India in future.

If you wish us to provide micro details of our concerns we can send you the compiled reports.

Kind Regards
Gopala R.Krishna

Copy to:
Minister of Culture: THE HONOURABLE MÉLANIE JOLY, Board of Directors CBC – Mr. Vishnu Prakash, The Indian High commissioner to India, Ottawa – Ministry of External affairs, Govt of India – Federation of Hindu Temples in Canada – Panorama India – Indo Canada chamber of Commerce.

Letter to the General Manager - Southern Railway - India11th May 2016

Respected Shri.Vashishta Johri,
Congratulations on your ascension and for the wonderful work you have been doing. On my recent visit to Chennai Egmore railway station, I saw this statue on the main platform.


I seek you attention on the following points
– Chennai is place where people of many religions reside
– Then why are religious idols of one religion being imposed on the Hindu majority?

We did some research on the other top railway stations of the world, 1.Grand Central – New York, 2.Atocha – Madrid, 3.St.Pancras Intl – London, 4.Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus – Mumbai, 5.Gare-De-Strasbourg – France, 6.Kula-Lumpur – Malaysia, 7.Berlin-Hauptbahnhof-Germany, 8.Antwerp-Central station – Belgium, 9.Kanazawa Station – Japan, 10.Southern cross station – Australia.
None of the above stations have such mismatched religious idols in public display. Many are Christian nations and they do not permit it. For this reason, I would request you kind intervention to have statues of national leaders installed at public railway station like Egmore.

Gopala R.Krishna

This following people are co-recipients of the above mail:Prime Minister of India, Railway Minister of India.

Vedanta Society - Toronto1st May 2016

Swami Kripamayananda,
Vedanta Society,
120 Emmett, Toronto,
ON M6M 2E3

Dear Swami Kripamayananda,

On a recent visit to your society I was surprised to find an image of JC along with images of Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda,

• Vedanta society of Toronto did not have a picture of JC when conceived. Why would the society do something of that kind now?
• To put things in perspective, Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa was a profound Sanathana Dharmist and in sync with those principles have had taken a rare cursory consider other creeds like Islam and Christianity to evaluate their spiritual strengths, and the society cannot use those experiments to justify JC picture at the society,
•If the society is going to use the experiment of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as an argument to justify its action, then the fact remains that he also experimented with Islam. So, would you also soon have Islamic symbols on the spiritual platform of the society?
•If the society is bringing in the inclusiveness agenda, then you would naturally possess the spiritual strength to persuade Islamic and Christian religious centers in North America, to have images of Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa, Buddha and Swami Vivekananda on their spiritual platform at their locations! Are you moving in that direction?
•Not sure if the committee members have taken a walk on the streets of India in the recent past where Evangelical activity is intense. The hostility that Evangelical Christian workers display against Sanathana Dharma defies basic civility. And a closer example within North American borders, is the book by a western scholar who propagates the idea of a homo-sexual relationship between Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa and Swami Vivekananda. In such a one sided, scenario how can you have the picture of JC on the Vedanta platform?
•The image of JC on your spiritual platform stirs the question, “Has the current leadership of Vedanta society of Toronto compromised on its cultural, religious and spiritual strengths? Is it deceptively patronizing evangelical objectives?”
Majority of Indians living in GTA are not aware of this development at the Vedanta society. They would be as shocked if they come to know of this development at the society in the name of Vedanta. Vedanta is an intrinsic Hindu thing. It cannot be either diluted nor segregated from Sanathana Dharma to favor third party creeds.

Every day Hindus look up to organizations like yours for spiritual strength and guidance. If you dilute the spiritual heritage that was passed by enlightened Sanathana Dharma gurus, then both the future generations and the current GTA Dharma population will feel betrayed with your parochial approach. In consideration of the above factors it becomes imperative to urge the Toronto Vedanta society to,
a) Revert the spiritual platform of the Vedanta society to its original pristine pedestal without recalcitrant delay,
b) If you forecast a delay due to any internal issues then Dharma practitioners of GTA should also see the images of Shri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda on the spiritual platforms of Churches and Mosques of Canada.

Best Regards,

Gopal R.Krishna &
The Dialogue Team,
7th August, 2013

PS:It also becomes relevant to comment that we have nothing against JC. He is one of the many saints who walked the earth, but are surely against the hostile actions against Sanathana Dharma that are happening in the name of JC. It would be a tragedy if the leadership of Vedanta society of Toronto, is facilitating soft core, back door and closet Evangelism for financial or other career privileges. That would also be a demonstration of cultural weakness. And you would agree that Swami Vivekananda has always championed for strength.

Letter to The Honorable Prime Minister of India2nd January 2015

Dear Modiji,

Congratulations on inviting Mr. Barak Obama, as the chief guest for Republic day celebrations of India. It was magnanimous on your part to extend a hand of welcome, friendship and good will. You invitation was in the true Democratic and Dharmic Indian spirit where the guest is considered as an avatar of God. However his statements after his return to US did not go well with many. As we are involved in Hindu – Christian dialogue, we thought we should write to you on this.

Why is President Obama wrong?

    • The President statement meant that life is tough for religious minorities in India. We know that the fact is the opposite. As a Hindu who has lived and walked on the streets of India, I like millions of fellow Indians am a witness to aggressive approach of evangelical Christians. (kindly refer to sections of this website for examples)
    • The president may not be aware that the evangelical methods in India are outright offensive. Looks like they are designed to invite retaliatory response. (Such retaliation is obviously good for their fund raising activities),
    • The president may not be aware that 5000 new churches have come up in India in the last 5 years. (This speaks of the absolute freedom of the Church*),
    • The president’s reference to Mahatma Gandhi is fundamentally flawed because this is what the great Mahatma said on conversion, “I consider western Christianity in its practical working a negation of Christ’s Christianity. I cannot conceive Jesus, if he was living in flesh in our midst, approving of modern Christian organizations, public worship, or ministry.”
    • The president talks about the splinter of India!? That was offensive! Splinter of India can happen due to two factors, 1- External influence (read colored revolutions) & 2- The hostility that is planted on the streets of India by new age business minded Evangelicals.


When India is providing absolute freedom to evangelicals, it is quite difficult to comprehend the reasons as to why they are repaying hospitality with hostility? Statesman to Statesman you may have to face it head on.

These are the risks involved in not addressing it head on,

  • Unethical evangelicals will assume that you are endorsing their practices,
  • It can open doors to more aggressive evangelism on the streets.

Our request to you:

We need a simple but direct response to Mr. Obama’s statement. These are the burning issues in India,

  • Proselytizing on the door steps of Hindu religious places,
  • Cultural plagiarism of Hindu motifs, symbols & practices,
  • Bad mouthing Hinduism & its practices,
  • Turning Hindus against each other in the name of religious freedom.

You have delivered many powerful messages in the run up to your election. Your one right message of now has the power and potential to communicate peace, harmony and mutual respect to all parties to this issue, – The Hindu voters of India -The Hindu NRI’s – The Christians of India – The Christians of the west -The Evangelicals of India and abroad – and the liberal left press both in India and abroad.

Kind Regards,
Gopala Krishna

* http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/independent-churches-mushroom-across-india-attracting-foreign-funds/1/136664.html

Letter to Canada office of Religious freedom30th April,2014

Dear Dr.Andrew P.W.Bennett,
Congratulations on taking over as the chief of the Canada office of Religious freedom. This letter is being addressed to you as it concerns religious freedom. “One’s freedom to practice and the other’s freedom to preach.”

Evangelism is a fact in India. Unlike neighboring Pakistan and China, the democratic nature of India and the benevolant spirit of Hindus have welcomed Evangelicals. As a result the numbers of evangelicals have grown exponentially. However In the recent decade the focus seems to have shifted from JC’s message of love to a purely “number’s” game.

Christian workers of multiple denominations working in India are engaged in fierce competition between themselves. In the process they seem oblivious to the fact that they are encroaching onto the religious freedom of Hindus. I bring to your attention a few samples,
– Evangelical propaganda and activities are done steps away from Hindu places of worship!
– Christian pastors “camouflage” themselves with Hindu appearances to gain “access” to Hindu hearts!

(The images below provide a reference)


When such acts are questioned, the new age evangelicals use the persecution card as a tool to silence Hindus. They are well aware that the “persecution” story resonates well in the western media, governments, and public. If the act of Mr.Jason above is an isolated one, it can be dismissed, but its not. If you wish me to provide more instances of such acts please let me know.

A Christian evangelical cannot preach without being monitored in China. We are not sure if he / she can even preach in Pakistan. The fact that they have free access to India and a Hindu is a peaceful human being, does not mean that Evangelicals can indulge in “free for all”!The desperation of the new age Evangelicals is evident in the fact that they consider “poaching” from respected Catholic churches a fair game as well.

Considering the fact that evangelical organizations based in Canada are working in India, We wish to enquire if the commission has guidelines that can help them to stay on course in ethical evangelism!

Best Wishes
Gopala Krishna

This following people are co-recipients of the above mail: The office of the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, Members of Parliament, Canada, Members of Provincial government of Ontario, Members of the Journalist profession of Canada.

Letter to Mr.Dave Toycen - World Vision CanadaJuly 2013

Dear Dave Toycen,

The few Evangelicals with whom we interacted in Canada seem to follow the code of Ethics for ethical Evangelism.* They include,

  • Disavow any efforts to influence people which depersonalize or deprive them of their inherent value as persons,
  • Disavow the use of any coercive techniques or manipulative appeals that bypass a person’s critical faculties,
  • Play on psychological weaknesses, undermine relationship with family or religious institutions, or mask the true nature of Christian conversion,
  • Respect for human integrity means no false advertising, no personal aggrandizement,and no overly emotional appeals which minimize reason and evidence.
  • As Christian evangelists, you accept the obligation to admonish one who represents the Christian faith in any manner incompatible with these ethical guidelines.


However we see that the situation in India is in contrast to the principles of ethical evangelism. Since you have a visible base in India, we are writing to enquire if your affiliates in India are trained in ethical evangelism.

Gopal R.Krishna

(* As revised by Doug Whallon from “A Code of Ethics for the Christian Evangelist,” © InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/ USA, 1989)

This following people of Word Vision are co-recipients of the above mail, Hon.Patrick Boyle, Dr.Beth Cummings, Ms.Sharon Dymond, Mayor Peter Fassbender, Mr. Dan Fortin, Mr. Michael A. Gartner, Dr.Jeannie L. Haggerty, Mr.Kevin Jenkins, Ms. Cheryl Leonhard, Mr.Ron McKerlie,Rev. David Morehouse, Ms. Catherine Morris, Mr. Gerry J. O’Mahoney, Rev.Dr.Carson Pue, Ms.Sharon Y. Ramsay,Rev.Karen Reed &Rev.Dr.Don Scott.

 Reply from Mr.Dave Toycen

Dear Mr. Krishna,

Thank you for writing to me and for the chance to address your concerns. As you mentioned, World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children and families to overcome poverty and injustice. As such, we hold ourselves to stringent ethical principles in order to best support real and lasting change for children and their communities.World Vision globally – including our offices and operations in India – are clear about the following:

  • 1. We are committed to the poor and reject any tactics that could manipulate their vulnerability, including on matters of faith.
  • 2. Our strong support of religious freedom means that we do not proselytize. Proselytism takes place whenever assistance is offered on condition that people must listen or respond to a message, or as an inducement to leave one and join another part of the Christian church and/or one religion to join another religion. We respect the dignity of those with whom we work, and do not exploit vulnerability or use the power of development and humanitarian programs to coerce conversion.
  • 3. We serve all people without discrimination and aid is provided regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion.
  • 4. We comply with international standards including the SPHERE standards, and the Red Cross Code of Conduct. It is unfortunate that you have had negative interactions with certain Christians in India but I assure you that the staff who work with us are committed to showing the love of God in a way that is respectful, dignified and always ready to lend a hand where there is greatest need. I trust this has been helpful. Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.



Dave Toycen
Executive Office