An apology is a powerful thing.

Its an acknowledgement.It calls for strength and courage. We congratulate Pope Francis for his high moral ground. The apology carries
an in built promise that that similar things will not recur. But it looks like many Christians are not respecting the apology of his Holiness
the Pope. Because the ground reality in India is against the spirit of the “apology of the pope”


We have a two point agenda
1- To motivate Caucasian Evangelicals visiting India to adhere to the Evangelical code of Conduct
2- To motivate federal and provincial governments in India to bring in a level playing field for religious harmony
Our objective is to promote international peace.We monitor current trends and initiate communication with
the aim of preventing future conflicts. Hindus have historically demonstrated civility. We ask for the same in return.
Peace has always been the intrinsic objective of a Hindu.



The Dialogue