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Evangelical code of Conduct

Post On:June 22, 2018

Code of Conduct; (https://www.evangelical-times.org/about-et/code-of-conduct/) Explanation Our society is fast being deprived of upright, honest and fair reporting from its media. At the same time, it has become open season for any with a grudge to make accusations that will smear others, regardless of the truth. In this context, we want to make it clear that we are committed to Christian...
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Is this initiative even necessary?

Post On:February 15, 2017

I am not against Christian Evangelism, because everyone has a right to choose and practice any religion that is presented to them either by inheritance or proselytising. Then what is that I am against? Let me reference the 2nd Gulf war. Two things happened after the war.   1) Dismantling of the prevalent power structure & 2) Abrupt withdrawal of American administrators   Even...
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Why this initiative?

Post On:April 12, 2016

It was in Chennai. Seeing Vibuthi and Kumkum on my forehead a young Tamil Evangelist who was barely in his 20’s walked up to me. His approach had an element of disdain in him. His desire to get me buy his theory was balanced by his lack of intellect. That was complimented by his animosity towards anything Hindu. He was not even aware of how hostile he has turned himself into. Curious I...
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The “me” story!

Post On:June 22, 2015

As a Hindu I am marked. We are a prey waiting to be finished and erased from the face of the earth. My peaceful protest is considered as weakness. I am supposed to be super placid all the time. My faith is in my faith is routinely ridiculed and I am supposed to be smiling, people from my faith including children are poached and then turned against us. I am still supposed to be smiling. We are...
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My brief encounter with Modiji

Post On:April 16, 2015

Good Karma is real. Realized it when was lucky enough to be one of the photographers when Modi Ji visited Toronto. Thanks to the individual and the institution that recommended my name. Felt that there is a story to be told, a story from many perspectives: photographer, admirer, political student and an Indo-Canadian.   Story 1: There was a line-up of up to 500 VIP’s of Canada waiting...
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The basics

Post On:June 20, 2014

Religious workers travelling to India not honest with their intentions. Why hide behind a tourist visa and engage in proselytizing? The immigration officer’s at Intl airports in India should be trained to identify religious workers. Like Immigration officers in the west, The immigration officer’s in India should ask simple questions like, where are you coming from? Where are you going...
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