The Dialogue


The basics

  • Religious workers travelling to India not honest with their intentions.
    Why hide behind a tourist visa and engage in proselytizing? The immigration officer’s at Intl airports in India should be trained to identify religious workers. Like Immigration officers in the west, The immigration officer’s in India should ask simple questions like, where are you coming from? Where are you going to? What all places do you plan to visit, Where do you plan to stay? Are you an religious worker? Indians irrespective of how they look and sound, are intrinsically smart.They can differentiate between apples and oranges.
  • Religious work should be supervised for spiritual content:
    The strategy of alien religious workers visiting India sounds diabolical. They see that to win to new converts from Hindus, Hindus have to be first detached from the faith of their ancestors. That approach motivates them to invent ideas to scoop out faults with Hinduism. They present the faults to Hindus in an amplified/distorted format. In the process they cross the border of civility. They bad mouth Hindu religion, Hindu gods,practices. This should stop.The training of Indian religious workers to alien religions should be open to random video inspection by government and police.Police officials should conduct awareness programs on such matters by releasing advertisements in newspapers, radio and Television.They should encourage the public to approach them if alien religious workers speak bad about native religion
  • Respecting Cultural space:
    We are seeing that new churches are built strategically in the geographical vicinity of a Hindu religious place. The objective seems to be to build a new church where ever Hindus congregate and have their place of worship. This is deliberate cultural intimidation.This should stop. There should be adequate space and room for cultural tranquillity. Hindu religious practices are then copied and re-introduced with a Christian touch to coincide with the dates of the Hindu festivals. This causes a traffic jam of devotees that has a potential for conflict. Example: Padayatra on lines of Sabarimala: Such measures must be declared illegal.AoC should not distribute flyers to Hindu devotees at spiritual destinations.Example: One Christian website said 1 Million flyers were given at Kumbh mela.
  • Camaflouge & Cultural plagiarism:
    Hindu imagery, terms, symbols and practices should not be used as a tool for conversion. Why would evangelicals dress up in Hindu costumes and approach innocent Hindus? Why be fake?. That also seems to be a deliberate current strategy. AoC should use their real names while doing religious work.They should not hide behind Hindu names and conduct proselytizing work.
  • The financial difference:
    Visiting religious workers have a huge advantage in terms of dollar VS rupee exchange rate. This offers them huge advantage to exert financial control over natives. Indian temple funds are managed by the government of India, so why are church funds excluded? Church finances have to be under govt control the same way Temple funds in India are.Secularism means equality.

  • Evangelical code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct;
    Our society is fast being deprived of upright, honest and fair reporting from its media. At the same time, it has become open season for any with a grudge to make accusations that will smear others, regardless of the truth.
    In this context, we want to make it clear that we are committed to Christian values, even as we seek to maintain editorial freedom.
    No code of conduct, of itself, can guarantee perfect practice or ensure that no mistakes will be made. However, we aspire to keep this code and invite our readers, and those who supply information to us — by press releases or other means — to evaluate our conduct and theirs by the same ethical principles.
    We are committed to:

    Communicating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a spirit of truth and love, without unnecessary and gratuitous polemic.
    Ensuring, as far as reasonable, that we disseminate accurate information, with fair conclusions.
    Differentiating, as relevant, between facts and their interpretation, and between circumstantial and direct evidence.
    Unless circumstances make it impossible (for example, public issues where full disclosure of facts cannot be obtained), avoiding the negative characterisation of others based on circumstantial evidence alone.
    Avoiding language that is demeaning or calculated to stir up prejudice or hatred towards those with whose teaching or practices we disagree.
    Where appropriate and/or possible, engaging in advance with evangelical persons or organisations being significantly criticised, so as to clarify issues and comment accurately.
    Encouraging persons or organisations critiqued to exercise a reasonable right of reply (unless this undermines our mission statement).
    Resisting threats, inducements or bias to influence, distort or suppress information.
    Reporting on overseas issues, for situations where Christians are being persecuted, in a way that does not place particular Christians in further danger.
    Avoiding plagiarism, breach of copyright, defamation and other dishonest practices.
    Seeking the consent of an appropriate adult when including photographic or other material about an identifiable child or vulnerable adult (unless the consent is already covered by another responsible organisation).
    Making our statement of faith and mission statement accessible to others, so that there is openness concerning our aims, with no hidden agenda.
    Respecting church discipline and the due process of civil law, where each is conducted in good faith and honesty.

    Is this initiative even necessary?

    I am not against Christian Evangelism, because everyone has a right to choose and practice any religion that is presented to them either by inheritance or proselytising. Then what is that I am against? Let me reference the 2nd Gulf war. Two things happened after the war.

    1) Dismantling of the prevalent power structure &
    2) Abrupt withdrawal of American administrators

    Even if the political administrators are Harvard graduates, they still would have difficulty administrating a new place unless they factor in the local conditions. And when that is compounded by power vacuum caused by abrupt withdrawal, it becomes a fertile ground for radicals to fill in. Now what is the situation there? Those parts that were invaded and abandoned are in chaos. The rapes and killings would never prick the world conscience. But the pain and killings are real and people who created it do not have the heart to fix it. It’s a classic “movie explosion walk away scene”

    Now why is this relevant to India? My argument is that any intervention by alien’s powers does not take into consideration local factors. The pain and sufferings of the locals is not something that would bother them. Today on the streets of India, Indian evangelicals actively aided, trained, funded and motivated by western evangelicals are engaging in a cultural war with stated intentions of wiping out Hinduism in India. The side effect of evangelism in India is hate against Hindus and everything India. The hate born again’s have against Hinduism / Hindus is potent and deep.
    If political conditions worsen, (god forbid) the hate that is being planted today will create consequences similar to what is happening in the Syria / Iraq now. Indian evangelicals will end up being remote controlled by western evangelicals. How can we expect western evangelicals to be considerate towards Hindus and Indians in strife? They have not done it in peace time and will they do when India bleeds?
    The blood that flow has to be stopped even before it starts. The immense hate that is being planned designed and executed against Hindus / Hinduism by the evangelical machinery has to stop.
    My chosen work is to bring in moderation in Caucasian evangelicals visiting India.

    Why this initiative?

    It was in Chennai. Seeing Vibuthi and Kumkum on my forehead a young Tamil Evangelist who was barely in his 20’s walked up to me. His approach had an element of disdain in him. His desire to get me buy his theory was balanced by his lack of intellect. That was complimented by his animosity towards anything Hindu. He was not even aware of how hostile he has turned himself into.
    Curious I undertook a journey into other parts of South India to cross check the facts of the encounter. The animosity levels of other evangelists were consistent with that of the first conversation. Something is not right in the manner and style of Evangelists operating in India. In contrast the few evangelists I encountered in Canada seem reasonably dignified.

    Few questions arise,

    1) Who are the people behind the haste fostering new age evangelicals on the streets of India?
    2) Freedom of religion is fine, but what explains those very high levels of hostility?
    Travelling across USA, Canada and other parts of the world I have noticed that Caucasian Christians of the west are polite people. Growing up in Chennai I could see that the society had a general sense of respect towards Christians in India. That sense of respect is in erosion. It seems and to be attributed to the behaviour of the new age aggressive evangelicals. That is truly sad.
    The young evangelicals of India seem to fine Hindu men / Women before conversion. On conversion they are supposed to have embraced the religion of love. I did not see love. I see only rudeness and hostility. Why is it so? It truly baffles me.
    This “cultivated hostility “on the streets of India has to be addressed.

    How do we communicate on this sensitive subject? If we talk about unethical evangelism, Christians may think that this website is against Christians. Let’s assure that “it’s not true” simply because Hindus of Canada are not doing in Canada what Evangelical Christians of India are doing in India. On the contrary Hindus of Canada go out of their way to assimilate. A Hindu of Canada is aware that Canadians are “sensitive” to immigrants and hence try their best to blend in, and they do it the way sugar blends with your milk or coffee.
    Back in India, Hindus may be mean to each other but are not hostile. Hostility is a product of outsource from North American evangelical schools. Mostly American but Canada is not too far behind. It sounds like that the techniques that were used in Native Indian residential schools in Canada during the 1800’s are being re-furbished and unleashed on unsuspecting Hindus of India. Evangelicals have no rationale to foster hostility in India under the guise of freedom of religion.
    One has to look at the statement of Ms. Stephanie Nolen of Globe and Mail. In a series of articles about Caste in India and advocating evangelism as a solution, she famously said, “Evangelicals work to foster righteous anger in Hindus!” In plain English it means they create trouble. What kind of righteous anger was she talking about? Does not the history of Church abuse of the natives exceed that of caste?
    Agents of conversion have to understand that their actions are seen as rude and offensive. Where is courtesy is when He / She accept the hospitality of a Hindu and in exchange abuse Hindu culture & Gods? Dear Evangelical that is simply not right!

    Because, it’s a democratic world. A Hindu has a right to worship a million gods if he / she wants. We see your one god theory the same way you see our million god theory.

    The "me" story!

    Gopal square As a Hindu I am marked. We are a prey waiting to be finished and erased from the face of the earth. My peaceful protest is considered as weakness. I am supposed to be super placid all the time. My faith is in my faith is routinely ridiculed and I am supposed to be smiling, people from my faith including children are poached and then turned against us. I am still supposed to be smiling. We are given a “Serengeti treatment”. The look we are given by evangelicals is similar to what a carnivore gives an herbivore. That look gives us a sneak preview of their intensity to finish us off. And I am still supposed to be smiling. I am not supposed to protest. I am supposed to resign to the fact that it’s a matter of time before we are finished off. Because the desire to finish us off is the combined objective of all Christian nations with all their industrial, diplomatic financial and military might. That is a much formidable formation, much stronger than the allied forces of WW-1 and WW-2. What is our crime? Oh we were peaceful. We did not indulge in Crusades. We had empathy to see the pain and effort of the evangelical. But he wants more. He wants me, my family, my money my country.
    Why am I into this? Because what is happening on the streets of India in the name of JC is simply bad, like real bad. The first step of conversion is detaching the Hindu roots of a Hindu. To achieve that goal they have to bad talk about Hinduism. Hindu spiritual texts are intense and multi-layered and truth is presented in a step by step process. If the intention is not positive one can easily dig in between the multiple layers and pull out negative things. The evangelical army does just that, every day. So when a poor Hindu is presented such distorted info with other inducements, ($) he / she presses the conversion button on himself. So here is the million dollar question, “A Hindu is weaned away from Hinduism with distorted info and how will he see other Hindus after conversion?” With respect or disdain? Of course with disdain. That disdains percolates so deep that the born again starts hating fellow Indians. This raises the spectre of violence, its real.
    My objective is to give in my 2 cents of effort to prevent it before it becomes a reality. I wish to educate the need for respecting cultural space. How do I plan to proceed? This is where Canada comes in. It was and is amazing to see the manner in which “Canadians” handle issues. They have this ability to communicate their concerns and even anger in meaningful words. They manage to express their emotions in a polite respectful manner. I shall ever be thankful to Canada for giving me an introduction to those traits. In my opinion bad evangelism is like a Hydra headed Goliath. It needs a peaceful and intelligent response with the help of multiple David’s of Canada. May be from the hundreds of thousands of Hindu homes I can find an ally who is on my same page.
    Mahatma Gandhi was an enigma. What was he thinking when he said, “An average Hindu is a coward”. Did he see something which most do not see? He also said, “Jesus is good but Christians are not”. I want to prove the great Gandhi wrong. I want to work to show that as a Hindu I have not been a coward. Because when my time arrives for Yama Dharma Raja to guide me out of this world, I want him to strike a conversation with me. Hope he says,”boy you did good, you almost succeeded in proving the Mahatma wrong”

    Respectfully yours
    Gopala R Krishna
    PS: This is rambling zone.
    The green arrows lead to more of my ramblings :)

    My brief encounter with Modiji

    001 photoshop
    Good Karma is real. Realized it when was lucky enough to be one of the photographers when Modi Ji visited Toronto. Thanks to the individual and the institution that recommended my name. Felt that there is a story to be told, a story from many perspectives: photographer, admirer, political student and an Indo-Canadian.
    Story 1: There was a line-up of up to 500 VIP’s of Canada waiting for a photo-op with Modiji. Security screening started 2 hours in advance, after which people were ushered into their seats, the PM came on time. It started right-away. One group/ one family at a time walked up the line, walked to the stage and had their moment with him. The line-up had people of all age groups. Each one was jostling to get a good hand shake with him, and also to say few words which they felt was super important. Many of them forget that it was important to strike a pose. Just to look into the Camera and smile. They were alternating between excitement while the security was giving them a gentle nudge to enable the next person in line to have his time with Modiji. So As photographer I had to jump around like a middle aged acrobat trying to get the best angle. That acrobatics continued for 3 + hours. The line-up got extended as some came back to re-join the line for a second opportunity with Modiji. Finally the SPG walked up to him and told him, “It’s complete and time to leave”. Our team must have snapped around 1000 to 2000 pictures. All along was hoping will get one picture with him, but gave up the thought, as closing time got closer.
    Then Modiji said something magical, “why not take a few pics with the photographers”? That was beyond words. To have than empathy to see the pain and expectations of people around him was something special. If not for that intervention by him, our team would not have got the opportunity to have pics with him. As I posed with him realized that I was confused, sharing the stage with no less a person than the prime minister of India. The excitement was too good, that I did not realize I put my hands over his shoulder as if he was my friend. Indeed he is a friend of India, and of the whole world.
    Story 2: This is from the perspective of a photographer: He has an amazing connect with the shutter release of a camera. This is something fellow photographers may understand. Standard shutter speed is 1/125 second in most auto settings. He had this almost instant connection with that. The moment the shutter sound gets going he knew it and turned his gaze in that direction. The first camera that gets going gets his gaze. At least that’s what I thought. So at the risk of losing a shot, I thought I will give it a try. I moved to manual settings and upped the shutter speed to 1/ 250. I knew the shot was going to be blurry, but still went for it. In an instant his gaze turned towards the camera I was holding. It was magical. I have not seen that kind of rapport any person having with the camera. Wonder that the lucky photographer will be who will get a full photo session with him.
    Story 3: Been a witness of cold politics unleashed by various political leaders of India I was surprised that Modiji did not indulge in any vengeance politics in spite of getting a stunning majority. He did not sack the RBI governor, he did not put his political opponents in jail, and he did not silence journalists who went beyond their duty in being rabidly anti-Modi. Politics demands all that and wonder why he has not done that!
    Story 4: Why do so many NRI’s like Modiji? The answer is simple. Living in western countries many Indians see for themselves how Indians are being treated and looked down in the west. Indians are considered soft and bulliable, which is a welcome treat for those who have a proclivity to bully. Visiting Indian politicians have done little to bring in self-respect. When Manmohan said that British rule of India helped India, it was so embarrassing. And one had to see the interview of Mr. Kamal Nath on CBC Television Canada. It was so humiliating. In comes Modiji who brings in confidence and self-respect to Indians with his style of strong Indian ethos, and an approach which gives the message that being Indian is a proud thing. The west in general likes people who respect themselves. An Indian politician doing that is something that Indians living abroad love it. That is the reason I believe NRI’s compete with Indians to love Modiji.